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Have you found your niche?

I suppose this could apply to anyone of our platforms but I find it really applies to responsive websites since there's so much competition.

I preach that the best course of action is to find a niche you are comfortable with and look at many sites in that niche and find out what they need from their website and how you can best provide it. By positioning yourself as a website expert in a particular niche it gives you the ability to charge more by providing premium services compared to freelancers or agencies that do not have a particular focus.

By being able to provide a niche focus along with hosting, domain management, analytics, updates, maintenance and SEO you can charge a monthly fee in addition to design and setup. Let's say you can land 24 clients in a year, you charge $1,200 to design and create a site ($28,800) and you charge (since you are the expert in that niche) $299 a month ($86,112) that is $114, 912 for the year and an ongoing $86,112 yearly. That is assuming only 2 clients per month!

Obviously not every type of business will be willing to pay $299/month for their website so focus on a niche that you know is profitable where you see the potential in say many with older websites. Even at $149/month to match the totals above you would only need to get 4 clients a month.

Once you have done this successfully for a few sites there is no need to reinvent the wheel. You can than branch out to other similar industries or expand your geographic reach with very little issue.

I'd be interested to hear how you are doing. Do you have a focus? What industries do you serve?


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  • UpwardMobile1 Pete Sauer
    Very well demonstrated Thomas, it gives a much clearer picture of the business at hand. I have multiple niches to offer my services to. But, rather than being the one stop shop, I offer my services one niche and one service at a time. Not to say, that at the follow up call, email or voicemail that I don't have another tool to add to their business. I noticed years ago marketers lead with an enticing product and sold add on's and
  • UpwardMobile1 Pete Sauer
    One time offers. I ran retail pet stores and handed out free goldfish cards to the kids. The kids would be excited about their new fin friends. Mom and Dad would gather around the big goldfish tank as Jimmy or Susie pointed at 12 goldfish and scream that one! I had already picked one I hoped would live and bagged it.Here is your new friend and I would hand the fish to the child. Then I turned to the parents and asked, what's Goldie or Spot going to live in?
  • UpwardMobile1 Pete Sauer
    Of course they had a mini bowl and a bag of brightly colored gravel. I would ask, Goldie would love a plant and cave. Going to need a filter, net, filter materials and air pump. I piled the stuff onto of this crazy small fish bowl. Without me even suggesting an upgrade, the parents would turn and see the convenient ten gallon aquariums stacked behind them.They suggested the upgrade as I commended their thoughtfulness to the fish and child.
  • UpwardMobile1 Pete Sauer
    I would stack a larger bag of gravel and upgrade the filter for ten gallons and add chemical test kits and live plants and a brightly colored back ground. lighting and thometer, fish food, weekend feeder and more fish! Now, this is where the real excitement begins. The
  • UpwardMobile1 Pete Sauer
    Pet store is now the fish education destation. I offered fish care classes and a fish club card that gave little Johnny or Susie a free fish for every punch on the card for ten dollars in store sales. My goal was not to jam a ton of fish in a glass box and hoped they lived. I served my sales and delivered sales over $500. So what in the world is my point?
    We have the
  • UpwardMobile1 Pete Sauer
    Greatest products and services in the World in the very latest affordablity. All you need is an expert in a niche...that's you!
    Learn and earn everyday! Always ask why and never, ever let someone tell you it cannot be done!
    Find your niche.Your not selling, your helping people get more out of their businesses. The real excited ones are your future Assisiates program people or business partners in the white label program.
    Now get out there and start moving Mountain's! !
    Peter Sauer
    West Bend, WI
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