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Quick Start

Okay, I'm pressed for time, no time to read for days... if I want to go start selling these, I need to know how to fulfill them too. So at night, when I cannot sell, I want to be figuring out how to set them up.

So where can I go for a quick start?

I looked at the sample pricing spreadsheet and I'm full of questions.

1) "Text Opt-In method"... is that built in to the system? or do we have to have a sms platform? I have a custom WL account with Wrecking Ball sms, will that work if it is a seperate platform needed?

2) Pass Verify Tablets... what is that? where do we find them?

3) Voicemail campaigns... is that built into the system too?

Where do I find answers to these, is there indeed a quickstart somewhere?

Thank so much!
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