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Email Marketing Basics

edited February 2016 in Email Marketing
When starting out in email marketing it can be a little overwhelming. I thought I would share some basics to help get you started.

The point of email marketing is to create lists of people to market your product or services. There are several steps you need to take to get started. I suggest starting by deciding what you are going to offer individuals in exchange for their email address. Many sites offer something simple like a free eBook.

Now that you have decided what to offer you'll need a platform to offer it on. You'll need to create a landing page that is to the point and has a compelling call to action. This can be a stand alone page or a page within your website. It is important that you keep the information simple and direct. When creating a call to action you need to target it to your audience, a simple "click to download' button will not suffice. You need to really connect with your potential customer. If your eBook is about SEO, your button should say something like "Become an SEO Expert Now!", see the difference?

You want people to download your eBook because you want to create your list. You can go even further by creating 2 lists. On the eBook download page offer something even more tempting (an eBook of secret techniques) and charge $2, $5, whatever. The point is this will create a second group of people who have actually spent money with you. It is more likely that the people who have actually spent a few dollars with you now, will spend money in the future if they feel you gave them value.

Ok, so you have decided what to offer customers in exchange for emails. You have created a killer landing page. Your final step is to choose an email responder to collect the information and link to your landing page. Try several and see which one you are most comfortable with, MailChimp, aWeber, Constant Contact, etc. Create your lists and link them to your landing page and let it fly.

The great thing about autoresponders is that you can set them up to well... Auto Respond! You can send users thank you emails when they have downloaded your product. Then set an email to follow up with them in 3 days, then seven days, then 14 days and it is all automated!

You can Google any of this for the details on how to set up xyz autoresponder, how to make a landing page , etc. Just go out, do it and reap the benefits!

Feel free to add to this post with your own ninja tricks to help other be successful with email marketing!
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