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Elevator Speeches

What Elevator Speech are you using when you walk in off the street to win over new business Owners?


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  • Thomas
    The key when speaking to business owners is showing them how what you do effects their bottom line. Show them what you offer can increase their exposure to new customers and more importantly increase their revenue, that will definitely get their attention.

    Remember that business owners don't really care what you do or what your product is, all they really care about is their own business and if WHAT YOU OFFER PROVIDES VALUE TO THEIR BUSINESS.

    For those just starting out, I find it is a good confidence builder to start with business you already have a relationship with, someplace you frequent where they know you. Landing a few of those will give you confidence and also give you credibility when approaching new businesses, it's always good when you can offer positive from clients you already service.
  • JkvBopJS
    Would you like to put proposal (marketing material in pdf doc) for social powered WiFi in order to explain this service closer by email to caffes and restaurants that I already phone contacted?
  • Octopus
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